01 Company Introduction

     DEWEI Electric is based in Jiangsu , China and from there operates as the explosion-proof equipment specialist and supplier throughout the world.
     We are the manufacturer able to offer kinds of different explosion protection methods (types of protection). Typical products in our category are control station, junction box, explosion proof fan, explosion proof heater, explosion proof camera, explosion proof lighting ect.
      We serve several industries such as the Petrochemical On and Offshore industry, the Chemical and Process industry, Food, Building and other industries with customized explosion-proof equipment.
      DEWEI work on designing and manufacturing very highest quality products, and always provide professional and customized solutions to customer.
02 Goals And Values

03 Design And Manufacture

Technical department and manufacturing department complement each other,they are responsible for the process turning customer demand to products.
Dewei has a professional team of experienced and qualified engineers that have expertise in working on explosion proof projects. All engineers use 2D, 3D software to make the engineering drawings and documents. On the basis of these,Our engineering team is able to translate your need into an industrial design to international standards.
  Our products have passed Type inspection of third party and certificated(CNEX、 ATEX 、IEC ect).
 After technical department translates customer need into an industrial design,the manufacturing department configuration of the product structures more carefully and produces quality products more efficiently.
04 Research And Development

Research and development is a continuous process within our organization ever striving for improvement and perfection. For each new development, a team is assembled with employees of all departments, Sales, Engineering, Fabrication & Assembly and Quality Control.
By mapping market and customer needs a technical requisition is determined listing the main features to be incorporated.
05 Quality Policy

Quality Objectives & Policy
Dewei’s quality objectives is to develop, manufacture and market explosion proof solutions that comply with applicable laws and regulatory requirements and fulfil the customer requirements.
It is a requirement in our daily lives to apply the quality management system to produce the desired equipment with high quality, innovation and productivity in mind.
The products and service supplied by Dewei must be of high and consistent quality, so that the customer perceives it as an essential asset to do business in our company.
Our customers must be able to obtain information about the functioning of our products and its limitations so that there is a basis to select the right product for the right application.
Our certificates are:
Dewei Electric Jiangsu Co.,Ltd is ISO 9001 certified by Beijing East Allreach.
Dewei Electric Jiangsu Co.,Ltd is ISO/IEC 80079-34 certified by NEMKO.
Dewei Electric Jiangsu Co.,Ltd is also ATEX 94/9/EC , ATEX 2014/34/EU certified.
06 Working Methods

As a professional manufacturer of explosion-proof products, Dewei is a real team. Every staff member carries out their duties accordingly to ensure a smooth operation.

Our team of sales engineers is well experienced in several types of industries and can advise you in heat transfer matters, best method of explosion-proof in your application.

Dewei implements a purchasing system to make sure high quality material and electrical components be used in our products.

Our engineering team is able to translate your need into an industrial design to international standards. Our engineering makes use of the Inventor 3D modeling software you can easily integrate into your design.

As quality is a subject that impacts all aspects of a company, it is imperative we hold ISO-9001 and ATEX&IEC quality certification by third party quality inspection agency. This translates into strict procedures applied in our production, assembly and test and inspection departments, thus ensuring the highest level of quality for our end products.

General Department play very important roles in daily management, it do works such as coordinating the work of each department, doing data management and organizing staff training and so on. In addition, General Department is familiar in working with external quality inspection agency .

In one word, we work hard to building a professional, knowledge-based enterprise and earning long-term success.

07 Our Customers

08 Services Provided

  • Consultancy
  • Product Development / Engineering
  • Production
  • Fabrication & Assembly
  • Test & Inspection
  • Installation Assistance / Supervision
  • Start-Up & Commissioning
  • Spare Parts