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Explosion-Proof fixed camera station

Thank you for your choice of our DWEC Explosion-Proof fixed camera station. This product is designed according to IEC/EN 60079-0, IEC/EN 60079-1 and IEC/EN 60079-31 standards. The products are Certifications Ex d for use in Zone 1 and 2, Group IIC (Gas), and in Zone Ex tb 21 and 22 (Dust).Safe and reliable operation Tailored exactly to your need
General product information:
The DWEC series Explosion-Proof fixed camera station is protected by flameproof enclosure “d”, it consists of cylinder assembly, front cover, rear cover and inspection window, it’s applicable for both explosive gas and dust atmosphere. The enclosure is made of S304 or S316L stainless steel with electro-polish finish. The inspection window mounted in the front cover the is made of 10mm thick toughened glass .Within the pressure-resistant enclosure, various camera modules and lenses reflecting different technical specifications.Accessory components such as PTC heating elements, miniature fans, NIR LED, lighting devices, mechanicalcomponents and clamps made of aluminum are optional. Criteria for selecting the camera module are, forexample, trans-mission technology (digital or analog), control functions (IR cut filter, iris, focus), light sensitivity, angle of view, object distance, resolution, optical zoom range, frame rate, or transmission delay.Thermal imaging applications are possible as well.


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  • Featues

    ? It can carry HD-IP HD network camera core, HD-SDI high-definition digital camera core and traditional
    analog camera core.
    ? Fully Integrated Receiver, Pan/Tilt, Enclosure, Wiper System
    and Integrated Optics Package (IOP)
    ? Pelco D/P standard. Vicon Protocol upon request
    ? Supports Advanced OSD Menu
    ? Multiple Language options
    ? optional automatic heating assembly. The automatic
    heating module can ensure the equipment work stably for a
    long time between -50℃ and +65℃ centigrade.

  • Applications

    The DWEC is designed and ATEX/IECEX certified for use in
    hazardous area locations and areas with extreme weather
    conditions such as:
    ?Chemical Plants ?Petrochemical Plant
    ?Off shore Drilling Rigs ?Land-based Drilling Rig
    ?Tankers and Tanker Depots ?Fueling Stations
    ?Bulk Loading Stations ?Fertilizer Plants
    ?Defense & Aerospace Installations ?Gas Plants
    ?Munitions Storage Depots ?Liquefied Natural Gas Terminals
    ?Oil & other Refineries ?Oil & Gas Metering Facilities
    ?Paint & Varnish Manufacturing Plants ?Grain Processing & Similar Industries

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